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2019 theme

Can you hear the drumroll folks? The Screen It theme for 2019 is…


Rev up your imaginations and get that creativity singing for your 2019 Screen It videogame, animation or live action film. Screen It is Australia’s largest and longest running moving-image competition for young creators (18 years and younger) and aims to support creativity, innovation and build production skills.

Entries close Wednesday 25 September 2019

We will be releasing updates, tips and resources around our theme ‘Listen’ in 2019 so keep your ears open and tune in for all the latest updates by joining Screen It’s enews  and by following ACMI Education on Facebook and Twitter.

New award: Inclusive Team of the Year

In 2019 we're introducing a new category to recognise the creative talents of students who receive additional government funding for a disability. Teams that include these students will still be eligible for other awards, but they will also be in the running to win this new category.

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar about supporting creative learners with cognitive, sensory, physical and social emotional differences.

Getting started

Ready to get started? Here are some ways to get the ball rolling on your project:

Check out the Screen It resources page below where you'll find heaps of activities to help explore the theme of Listen for your project, as well as a production resource to help you actually make your movie, animation or videogame.

Join as many of our free videoconferences throughout the year. We'll have ones that are all about Screen It and many more ideas and production based ones in our Meet and Make videoconference series.

Check out the winners from previous years as inspiration, we have short films, animations and videogames you can watch and play, just follow the links below.

Download and print your Screen It 2019 poster to hang at school, home or anywhere it will be loud and proud!

Screen It resources

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Screen It 2018 Winners

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Screen It videoconferences

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