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Storm Riders: In Conversation with BADFAITH's Shaun Gladwell & Leo Faber

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In Conversation

Shaun Gladwell melds subcultures with fine art, incorporating skateboarding, graffiti and breakdancing into his practice and blurring the distinction between high art and street reality.

Storm Riders (2018) is Gladwell's latest virtual reality work created through content collective BADFAITH, co-founded with executive producer Leo Faber. Working with two young female Muslim skaters, Farhana and Chadnee, Storm Riders recontextualises his iconic video artwork Storm Sequence (2000) in a new medium and for a new generation.

Join Shaun and Leo as they discuss their practice, and explore concepts of identity, freedom and belonging through the lens of the moving image.

Storm Riders is on display in Screen Worlds from June 12.

Image courtesy Jenny Song-Schmidt and SBS.

Storm Riders courtesy the artist, BADFAITH and Anna Schwartz Gallery


Cost: Ticket price + $30

Upgrade your ticket and join Shaun and Leo after the In Conversation for an exclusive masterclass as they delve into VR production techniques. 

In 2016, recognising a need for a more creative approach to the medium of virtual reality, producer, director and writer Leo Faber reached out to internationally renowned video artist Shaun Gladwell. After making their first work together they founded BADFAITH, a content collective of filmmakers, artists and punks dedicated to experimenting in the new immersive medium.

In this masterclass, Leo and Shaun will break down the production methodology and technical practices they used to create BADFAITH’s new work, Storm Riders, and discuss the practicalities and considerations of virtual reality   and 360-degree-video in documentary filmmaking.