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Surviving R. Kelly

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“Comprehensively damning and powerfully disturbing--while also being riveting.”

R. Kelly’s career has spanned three decades and although he has courted controversy for most of it, he has largely emerged from scandal unscathed. Tracking allegations of abuse against R. Kelly from his illegal marriage to musician Aaliya, then underage, and culminating with the recent groundswell of support for the #muteRKelly campaign this 6-part series offers a comprehensive and contextual view of the allegations while also shedding light on how they were seemingly stepped around.

This game-changing television event features interviews with #metoo founder Tarana Burke, #muteRKelly founders Kenyette Barnes and Oronike Odeleye, and a staggering number of firsthand interviews with women recounting their experiences with the R&B heavyweight.

Surviving R. Kelly is powerful, shocking and a resounding call to action.

A special introduction by Executive Producer Tamra Simmons will precede this screening.


Episode 1: The Pied-Piper of R&B
Episode 2: Hiding in Plain Sight


Episode 3: Sex Tape Scandal
Episode 4: The people vs. R. Kelly


Episode 5: All the Missing Girls
Episode 6: Black Girls Matter