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The View from NYC: Emerging Trends and Issues in Digital Art and Culture

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Digital art and culture encompass new and changing formats that engage audiences across platforms and spaces both physical and digital. Join design strategist and curator Kelani Nichole (NYC) in discussion with Xanthe Dobbie, a new media artist (Melb/Syd) and Kelli Alred, a globe trotting time-based art specialist and consultant, in conversation about the trends and issues around new digital art and its ever evolving place in our hearts and minds, screens, galleries and cultures.

Image: Detail from Snow Yunxue Fu 'Gorges' in the TRANSFER Download, image courtesy of the artist and TRANSFER.

About the speakers

Kelani Nichole

Kelani Nichole is a design strategist and exhibition maker based in NYC. She consultants with agile product teams and startups, building decentralized applications and products for the financial industry. In 2013 she founded  TRANSFER, an exhibition space exploring networked studio practice and its physical instantiation. Most recently she took on the role of Director at The Current,a museum collecting and preserving contemporary art that examines technology's impact on the human condition.

Nichole specializes in emerging media formats in contemporary art like virtual reality artworks, software, Animated GIFs, Algorithmic Art. She invests in movements such as Netart and Simulism through exhibition and collection. Her recent talks include Art Basel Conversations ('Blockchain and the Art World') and Internet Age Media ('Beyond Disciplines').  On the design side, Nichole's expertise includes enterprise software, decentralized applications, and emerging form factors like mixed reality, wearables, gestural interfaces, and AI. Her recent clients include Small Data Industries, Protocol Labs and Bloomberg.

Xanthe Dobbie

Xanthe Dobbie is a Melbourne and Sydney-based new media artist and curator. Her practice aims to capture the experience of post-internet contemporaneity as reflected through feminism, art history, iconography and queer culture. Many of her works take the form of large-scale moving collages, which are compositionally-based around 14th and 15th century religious iconography. Combining snippets of sourced footage and found images in hundreds of carefully manipulated layers, she develops animated paintings, which merge contemporary internet and trash culture with loaded historical imagery.

Kelli Alred

Kelli Alred has eighteen years of international experience as an artistic director, curator, program manager, executive producer, researcher and consultant. She has curated and commissioned exhibitions and events for Tate Modern and Tate Britain, the Netherlands Media Arts Institute, National Art Museum of China, ACMI, Melbourne Festival, Dark Mofo and many others.

With specialist knowledge in performative, spatial and time-based art, as well as the accessioning and conservation of digital and ephemeral forms, Kelli has facilitated international research projects, participated in interdisciplinary research teams and brokered partnerships across the academic and cultural industries sector. Research has been undertaken in partnership with Tate, MOMA, SF MOMA, The British Library, Queen Mary University, Goldsmiths College and the University of Florida amongst others.

Currently, Kelli is the Artistic Director of Channels Festival, an international festival of video art and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of VCA and MCM.