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Wednesday, May 9

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“The film is so effective on a basic emotional level that the number of international awards it has received comes as no surprise.”

David Stratton, The Australian

Jalal is a well-meaning surgeon who, in a generous act of kindness, decides to give away a small fortune to someone in need. After posting a mysterious advertisement in the newspaper offering the money to someone who requires it, he finds himself completely overwhelmed by the number of people applying, raising the ire of the authorities.

Leila, a worker in a chicken slaughterhouse and a full-time carer for her husband who is paralysed stumbles across the hubbub only to realise that the man giving away the money is a former acquaintance.

Satareh, an orphan living with relatives, family drama spills over into a public arena when it is revealed that she has secretly married. Jealousy fuels an anger in her cousin that will have a catastrophic effect on everyone involved.

Vahid Jalilvand’s impressive directorial debut captures the humanity of his characters and illuminates the class structures that bind them.