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Fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, a world premiere exhibition celebrating Lewis Carroll's timeless tale and Alice’s adventures on film.

Since first gracing the silver screen in 1903, Alice has delighted audiences in more than 40 arthouse and blockbuster cinematic odysseys.

Wonderland explores how this precocious heroine inspired revolutionary filmmaking, from groundbreaking special effects and animation to evocative storytelling and technological development.

In this must-see event, take a trip through the looking glass into an immersive, enchanted world that draws together a remarkable selection of original behind-the-scenes material.

The more curious you are, the more you’ll discover.

Please note: Entry is timed. Book in advance to secure your spot.

While Wonderland is suitable for all ages, we recommend that children aged 6+ will get the most from their visit.



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Wonderland education visit

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