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thumbnail for game makers   History of Game Development in Australia
A comprehensive guide and a timeline that track the history and development of the videogame industry in Australia.

Game-o-rama! Collectors Gallery
Game-o-rama! celebrates the art of collecting videogames and gaming memorabilia. Share your photos online with fellow gamers!

Play Games

Games Showcase
Links to the sites where you can play some of the best games featured in the Games Lab at ACMI between 2005 - '08.

Essays and Guides

game on   Game On
In the catalogue essay for the Game On exhibition, Helen Stuckey traces the evolution of the video game.

game on   We Bleep This City
Games writer and Lecturer in Games and Interactivity at Swinburne University, Christian McCrea writes about location based games.

thumbnail for game makers   The History of SimCity
After a long search for a publisher, Will Wright's SimCity made it to store shelves in 1989.

  Developing Your Game Idea
Have you got an original idea for a game? These tips and tricks will help you to expand and develop your concept.    

thumbnail red vs blue   Creating Machinima
Paul Green talks with Paul Marino, Director of the Machinima Film Festival and Executive Director of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences.

    Playing the Movies
Games Lab curator Helen Stuckey writes about the relationship between games and the movies. 
thumbnail for game makers   Game Makers
Behind the games we play are designers, developers, artists, animators and other creative talents. Here they talk about their inspirations, the art, and the craft of game making.

thumbnail of sonic the hedgehog   Understanding Character in Video Games
Matthew Sakey writes of the importance of character in creating video games.

thumbnail for game genres  

Game Genres
Features a guide to game genres, a glossary of game terms and a short history of the development of video games.

thumbnail image sonic the hedgehog

Super Sonic: Video Games and Learning
Download the Sonic Education Pack containing information and activities for classroom use (pdf 440kb).

thumbnail ZooTycoon2   Parents, Kids and Videogames: What's the Score?
An essential guide which explains the reasons why kids enjoy videogames, addresses parental concerns that surround them, and offers commonsense tips (pdf 541kb).

  Game Characters
Meet  Benson, Vauge, Eraserman and a host of other heroes and villains from our game character drawing competition.

Past Exhibitions

Best of the Independent Games Festival 2009

Play brilliant video games for free, as the Best of the Independent Games Festival returns to ACMI.

Game On

Get ready for Melbourne's must-see exhibition of 2008.

thumbnail samorost 2 from igf 2007

Best of the Independent Games Festival 2007

A sensational selection of winners and nominees from the 'Sundance' festival for games.

thumbnail for t-wrecks (aka the muncher)

Hits of the 80s

Discover the games of the pioneering Beam Software in this secret history of Australia's place in the rise and rise of the videogame.

thumbnail image of astro boy

Go Go Astro Boy

Take to the skies as the world's most beloved Manga character in these Tezuka-inspired games.

thumbnail independent games festival

Best of the Independent Games Festival 2006

Edgy, inspiring and direct from the 'Sundance for games'. Be the first to play these award-winning indie games.

thumbnail from playing the movies

Playing the Movies

Explore the relationship between cinema and games in this exhibition of a decade of Machinima history.

thumbnail independent games festival

Best of the Independent Games Festival 2005

Direct from the 'Sundance for Games', be the first to play these edgy, inspiring and award-winning independent games.

thumbnail of sonic the hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog: Icon of Our Times

Get your trigger fingers ready for the second themed selection of computer games in our exciting interactive space Games Lab.

thumbnail for point and tilt

Point and Tilt

Point and Tilt presents a series of experimental interactive games produced by the Australasian Cooperative Research Centre for Interaction Design.

thumbnail state of play

State of Play: Games with an Agenda

We all know that videogames are fun but can they make you think? The works in State of Play use videogames to engage audiences with a series of issues


scoot character   Scoot
Scoot is a location based game produced to explore mobile phone technology and as a playful way to engage with Melbourne's key cultural institutions.

thumbnail for acmipark   acmipark
acmipark is an inhabitable online world that extends the public spaces of ACMI and Federation Square into the virtual.

thumbnail project joystick branding
Project Joystick Competition
Entries have now closed for ACMI and BigPond Games' initiative to give you the opportunity of a lifetime to turn your game idea into reality. What a game! What a competition! And here are the winners...

The annual Independent Games Festival aims to encourage innovation in games development and reward the best independent games developers.
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