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Games: A Short History

1961 Spacewar: first computer game uses ASCII characters
1971 Computer Space released: first arcade video game
1972 Pong released by newly founded Atari
Odyssey released: first home video game
1975 Advent (or Adventure) released: first MUD adventure game
1977 First home computers hit the market
1978 Space Invaders released
1979 Asteroids released by Atari
1980 Pacman released by Namco
Battlezone released: the first 3D game
1982 Disney movie Tron features computer animation
1985 Nintendo Entertainment System released
1986 Sega Master System released
1989 Nintendo Gameboy released
Tetris cracks female gamer market
SimCity released by Maxis
1991 Sonic The Hedgehog released by Sega
1993 Myst released: bestseller puzzle/exploration game
First internet browser Mosaic marks start of the web
1994 Doom released: bestseller 3D first-person shooter
Daytona USA released: arcade driving game
1995 Nintendo 64 released
1996 Quake popularises the multi-player first person shooter
Meridian 59: first MMORPG
Tamagotchi virtual pets hit the market
1997 Ultima Online popularises the MMORPG
1998 Sega Dreamcast released
1999 Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life released
2000 Sony Playstation released
The Sims released by Maxis
2001 Nintendo Gamecube released
Microsoft Xbox and Halo released
2002 Xbox live released: first online multi-player console
2003 EyeToy USB camera released by Sony
2004 Playstation Portable (PSP) released
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