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Explore a selection of the best games that were featured in the ACMI Games Lab between 2005 and 2008.

Samorost 2
Samorost 2, the sequel to Samorost 1, is a 'point-and-click' adventure puzzle game playable in a web browser, in which a space gnome travels to a far-off perilous planet to rescue his dog from an alien abduction and together they travel back home through other adventures.
Featured in Best of Independent Games Festival 2007
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image from the movies
The Movies
The Movies is a tycoon game and a simulation game rolled into one where the player governs a movie making empire. Inside lies a game within a game, giving players the opportunity to make their own movies. The feature can also be used independently as a virtual production house.
Featured as part of Playing the Movies exhibition.
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Ocular Ink
Play an eyeball wielding a heavenly paintbrush on a mission to save your hometown from evil dismembered body parts. Using the surprisingly versatile paintbrush, players paint lines and shapes to make magic spells, and flick rocks to beat their enemies.
Featured in Best of Independent Games Festival 2006.
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image from gish
Play an animated ball of tar on a mission to save your girlfriend in Gish, a 2D game with fabulous, real-world physics and fun environments. The uniqueness of this platformer lies in its choice of hero and in the charm of mastering the controls and learning how to move Gish according to true-to-life physics.
Featured in Best of Independent Games Festival 2005.
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Escape from Woomera
Experience a detention centre from the inside in hybrid documentary-3D adventure game. Designed to fill in the blanks created by the media lock-out from immigration detention centres, Escape from Woomera encourages personal identification with those incarcerated within the most secretive and controversial places on the Australian political landscape.
Featured as part of State of Play exhibition.
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