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Meet the Makers

Filmmakers and artists talk about bringing their ideas to the screen.

in a pig's eye

John Paul Molloy

Animator John Paul Molloy talks about his work In a Pig's Eye.
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Sam Samai

Animator Sam Samai on the making of Kalauh.
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l'animateur, nick hilligoss

Nick Hilligoss

Animator Nick Hilligoss on the making of L'Animateur
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in conversation with christian marclay

Christian Marclay

Visual artist and composer Christian Marclay talks about his work
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hits of the 80s

Beam Software

Australia's first electronic games company
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The Legacy of Len Lye

The Legacy of Len Lye

Curator Tyler Cann talks about the Len Lye exhibition.
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supermarket massacre

D.I.Y Art Films

D.I.Y Art Films talk about the making of Supermarket Musical Massacre.
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1956, annemarie szelezky

Annemarie Szelezky

Animator Annemarie Szelezky on the making of 1956
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life is sweet, ray lu

Ray Lu

Animator Ray Lu on the making of Life Is Sweet
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graham leader

Graham Leader

Producer Graham Leader on the documentary Heartworn Highways
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