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Videos that highlight some of the projects and special events held at ACMI.

100 Years of Victorian Women's Right to Vote

Australian women have long been at the forefront of political change and civic reform. Over the decades, women have fought for their beliefs: the right to vote, professional advancement and equality under the law. Watch the inspirational stories of eight women who were all first in their respective fields in this biographical documentary project. Produced by ACMI in partnership with the Victorian Government, through the Office of Women's Policy Department of Planning and Community Development as part of the 2008 Celebration of the Centenary of Women's Vote.

judy maddigan

Judy Maddigan

First woman Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in Victoria
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lecki ord

Lecki Ord

First woman Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne
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jeanette powell

Jeanette Powell

First woman to represent the National party in Victorian Parliament
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joan kirner

Joan Kirner

First woman Premier of Victoria

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gracia baylor

Gracia Baylor

First woman elected to the Legislative Council, Parliament of Victoria
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dr isabelle joy bear

Dr Isabel Joy Bear

First woman recipient of the Leighton Memorial Medal
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dur e dara

Dur-e Dara

First woman President, Restaurant and Caterers Association of Victoria
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voula messimeri-kiandis

Voula Messimeri-Kianidis

First woman Chairperson, Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia
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Other ACMI Projects

How Live TV is Made

How Live TV is Made

A short animation about the basic technology and style of live TV.
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Making the Moving Image

How a Movie is Made

A short animation about the processes involved in making feature films.
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video whispers

Video Whispers

'Chinese Whispers' takes a new form.
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Using mobile phone technologies to explore our cultural institutions.
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Scoot Highlights

A quick tour through the game Scoot.
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How a Videogame is Made

How a Videogame is Made

A short animation exploring how videogames are made.
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Open Day Scratch It Workshops

Scratch It Workshops

A short film made in the 'Scratch It' workshops at ACMI's Open Day.
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YOU on film

YOU on Film

An anonymous DIY zine and film collaboration
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open studio

Open Studio

Scenes from animation workshops held at ACMI.
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Scoot Slideshow

Scoot in action.
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