evil inc: exterminating angel

cast of angel
Cast of Angel

As the Fang Gang at Angel Investigations close their books for good, we take a look at what made the show stand on its own, even in the shadows of the pop culture darling that spawned it. Angelverse scholars Associate Professor Dr Angela Ndalianis, University Melbourne and Katy Stevens, a teacher Latrobe University, sink their teeth into 'Angel' and taste its soul.

Katy teaches Cinema Studies at La Trobe University where she is also undertaking her PhD. A self-indulgent fangirl at heart, she dreams in Buffy and Angelspeak and falls asleep with her Spike poster watching over her. Katy secretly indulges a desire for a Holden Webster spin-off (RIP).

Angela Ndalianis, Associate Professor and Head of the Cinema Studies Program, specialises in Contemporary Hollywood cinema, genre studies, the history of optical entertainment technologies, and the convergence of popular forms such as films, computer games, comic books and theme park spaces. Her book Neo-Baroque Aesthetics and Contemporary Entertainment Media (The MIT Press) will be available in 2004.

Dates   Thursday 8 July 2004, 7pm
Admission   Full $12 Concession $10
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