2009 Festival of Jewish Cinema

2009 Festival of Jewish Cinema
Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2009, this groundbreaking festival offers an impressive and ambitious panoramic view of contemporary Jewish cinema.

To mark the anniversary, some of the most requested films from past festivals will screen alongside the best new films from around the world. With action, comedy, romance, thrillers, drama and family-friendly films, there's something for everyone!

Thursday 12 November - Sunday 29 November 2009

Opening Night Film & Party: $25
Single sessions: $17
Children's Film (Inside Hana's Suitcase): all tickets $10
Gold Pass (7 different sessions): $91

Find out more about the festival at http://www.jewishfilmfestival.com.au/

A Matter of Size

Dieting, fitness and sumo wrestling. An amusing film following four overweight men on a mission.

Eyes Wide Open

A controversial story of forbidden love that crosses boundaries and changes lives.

Hello Goodbye

A Parisian couple move to Israel to try and reawaken their Jewish identity in this romantic comedy.

Inside Hana's Suitcase

Japanese children uncover the history of an incarcerated Czech girl and her family.

A Touch Away

A popular series following the lives of two diverse families in Tel Aviv.

Being Jewish in France

A beautifully presented documentary exploring the rich history of being Jewish in France.


Set in Paris, this dramatic comedy weaves together the lives of three generations of one family.

Khroustaliov, My Car!

Visually stunning and inventive, this film follows a General embroiled in a Stalinist conspiracy.

He's My Girl

Follow the amusing trials and tribulations of a gay musician in this sequel to Man is a Woman.

The Giraffe (Meschugge)

A couple's blossoming relationship is placed in jeopardy after a crime is unearthed.

Empty Nest

A hilarious film following the adventures of a middle-aged couple rediscovering life.

The Wedding Song

Two teenage girls, Muslim and Jewish, work to maintain their friendship in Nazi-occupied Tunis.

The Gift to Stalin

A Jewish boy is rescued from a labour camp and faces a new world in this emotionally uplifting film.

Wrong Side of the Bus

In this documentary, a man returns to South Africa to revisit his past and question his decisions.


A mischievous comedy about the experiences of boys growing up in a Jewish family.

Zion and his Brother

A gritty drama following the relationship of brothers and their reaction to a tragic accident.

From Hell to Hell

A Jewish couple return to reclaim the daughter they were forced to give up during World War II.

For My Father

A thriller about an unlikely love that blooms between two isolated individuals raised to be enemies.

Operation Moses

A documentary that follows the evacuation of Ethiopian Jews to Israel between 1977 and 1985.

Phyllis and Harold

A frank and funny documentary uncovering the director's own parents marriage and journey

Killing Kasztner

A documentary about the controversial Dr Israel Kasztner, who saved thousands of Jews during WWII.

Leave the Stones There + Z32

Self-discovery and assessing the past are central themes in these two confronting films.

Adam Resurrected

A former magician who survived the Holocaust is plagued by painful memories in this haunting drama.

Bride Flight

Three women migrate to New Zealand to marry but their lives remain intertwined despite differences

Kill Daddy Goodnight

The lives of two men converge in this powerful, sobering story exploring issues of the Holocaust.

A History of Israeli Cinema

This documentary covers the evolution of Israeli cinema from its beinnings to the present-day.

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