Unclassified 18+
Marc Price, 97 mins, UK, 2009, Digital Betacam . Source: LEFT films Ltd. Courtesy: LEFT films Ltd.


Play Trailer premiere

Taking inspiration from a documentary on the making of Peter Jackson's Bad Taste, Marc Price figured he wouldn't let not owning a steadycam, cranes or a 16mm camera get in the way of shooting his own genre opus and began shooting his micro-budget feature debut on a mini-DV camcorder (that kicked it during the 18 month shoot and was replaced with an older model camcorder)!

Scant resources notwithstanding, Price mobilised a talented can-do cast and crew - Alastair Kirton, who plays the undead male lead of the title and composer Dan Weekes (who does double duty as a zombie extra) key among these - and has produced a strikingly effective, darkly humorous and surprisingly affecting zombie social drama with an end of days vibe.

Filmmaker Marc Price will be joined by RRR's Richard Watts for a live Q&A via phone following the February 18 screening.

Best Micro-Budget Feature Film, Raindance Film Festival, Special Jury Award, Revenant Film Fest.

"As original, compelling and thought provoking as Romero's Night of the Living Dead"

"Merits serious comparison with Romero's work" Sight & Sound
Dates   Fri 18 Feb 2011, 9.30pm

Fri 25 Feb 2011, 9.30pm

    No Longer Available
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