Be Kind Rewind

Michel Gondry, 100 mins, USA, 2007, 35mm. Source: Roadshow Films. Courtesy: Roadshow Films.

Be Kind Rewind
Be Kind Rewind
When Jerry (Jack Black) demagnetises the entire stock of VHS tapes at the New Jersey video store owned by the father of his good buddy Mike (Mos Def), the two hatch a crazy plan to save the day with some improvised DIY filmmaking.

No plotline is too challenging as the pair shoot no-budget 'remakes' of Ghostbusters, Robocop and Driving Miss Daisy to ensure their one loyal customer (Mia Farrow - in a spot of casting that sweetly evokes her matinee-idol obsessed character in The Purple Rose of Cairo) doesn't blow their cover.

"With irrepressible exuberance and going-in-five-directions energy, Black is the embodiment of Gondry's whimsical notion that a small-town Ed Wood could infect an entire neighbourhood with filmmaking fever" - The Hollywood Reporter
Dates   Fri 1 Jul 2011, 9.30pm
    No Longer Available
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