The Science of Sleep

Michel Gondry, 106 mins, France, 2007, 35mm. Source: Rialto Entertainment. Courtesy: Rialto Entertainment.

The Science of Sleep
The Science of Sleep
By day the introverted Stephane (Gael Garcia Bernal) marks time in a company that publishes calendars. Once the young man lays himself down to sleep, his febrile subconscious takes over.

This plane of reality asserts itself with even more anarchic force once his pretty Parisian next-door neighbour, Stephanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg) catches his eye.

A whimsical excursion into a cut and paste wonderland fashioned from cardboard tubes, cellophane and Gondry's unfettered imagination.

"Laced with great goofiness and oddball associations, The Science of Sleep is a super-kinetic lark juiced by some nutty production design. Garcia Bernal is an energized elfin delight.Gainsbourg is manically marvellous as the girl who somehow connects with his sensibilities" - The Hollywood Reporter
Dates   Fri 8 Jul 2011, 9.30pm
    No Longer Available
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