Two-Lane Blacktop

Monte Hellman, 102 mins, USA, 1971 , 35mm. Source: Chapel Distribution. Courtesy: Chapel Distribution.

Two-Lane Blacktop
Two-Lane Blacktop
Monte Hellman's epic road movie from 1971 screens in a brand new 35mm print in its 40th anniversary year.

'The driver' (James Taylor) and 'the mechanic' (Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys fame) are on the road to nowhere in particular, driving through the States' southwest along Route 66 in a souped-up '55 Chevy.

They pick up 'the girl', a disaffected hitchiker (Laurie Bird), along the way and end up in a drag-race with Warren Oates' irascible middle-aged loner, G.T.O. - immortalised in a hip paean by Melbourne's own Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes - whose 1970 Pontiac the "punk road-hogs" seemingly covet.

"An instant classic" - Rolling Stone
Dates   Fri 12 Aug 2011, 9.30pm

Fri 19 Aug 2011, 9.30pm

    No Longer Available
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