Unclassified 18+
Vincent Lannoo, 98 mins, Belgium, 2009, HDCAM, French with English subtitles. Source: Left Field Ventures. Courtesy: House of Film.


In Vincent Lannoo's stylish mockumentary, a film crew is embedded with a family of Belgian vampires presided over by Georges and Bertha, adoptive 'parents' to Samson, a gormless narcissist living his 55th year in a state of arrested development, and Grace, an 'ill-bitten' teen who keeps committing suicide in a desperate attempt to be human again.

Vampires, like True Blood, takes the supernatural at face value. Less spoof than mordant satire, it presents the St. Germains as a modern dysfunctional family dealing with many of the existential and social anxieties that confront their mortal brethren, plus a few that are peculiar to their own kind, like being exiled to Canada because your shiftless son has slept with the Grand Leader's wife!

"Spinal Tap meets The Munsters" Sci-fi London Film Festival
Dates   Fri 1 Apr 2011, 9.30pm

Fri 8 Apr 2011, 9.30pm

    No Longer Available
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