Cinémathèque Archive 2011

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Dedicated to screening rare and significant films from the history of international cinema.

Curated by The Melbourne Cinémathèque

Henri-Georges Clouzot: The Sorceror

Quai des Orfèvres

A worldly detective (the gruff and quizzical Louis Jouvet) investigates the murder of a sleazy film financier.

Les Diaboliques

Clouzot briefly dethroned Hitchcock as the Master of Suspense with this mysterious and macabre provincial ghost tale.

The Raven (Le corbeau)

A subversive glimpse into the blighted heart of informer-riddled Vichy France.

Inferno (L'enfer)

Henri-Georges Clouzot's legendarily aborted psychodrama film project starring Romy Schneider and Serge Reggiani.

The Mystery of Picasso (Le mystère Picasso)

A startlingly profound examination of the creative process of one the most celebrated figures in 20th century art.

The Wages of Fear (Le salaire de la peur)

Clouzot's adaptation of Georges Arnaud's novel is a thriller centred on desperation and the liberating potential of money.

Hans-Jürgen Syberberg

Karl May

The second in Syberberg's epic trilogy detailing the psychological, aesthetic and mythic origins of the Third Reich.

Religious Icons

Rite of Spring (Acto de Primavera)

The inhabitants of a small town in Portugal enact the Passion of Christ, a rite staged there since the 16th century.

Moses and Aaron

Arnold Schönberg's unfinished modernist Biblical opera, filmed on location in Italy and Egypt.

The Humanist Vision of Nicolas Philibert

In the Land of the Deaf (Le pays des sourds)

Philibert's expressive, sympathetic and deeply humanist journey into the otherworldly, mundane and magical "land of the deaf".

Animals and More Animals (Un animal, des animaux)

A document of the restoration of a vast collection of taxidermied wildlife at the Paris Museum of Natural History.


Philibert's most recent documentary focuses on a family of orangutans in the Menagerie du Jardin de Plantes, Paris

Louvre City (La Ville Louvre)

An intimate voyage focuses on the inner workings of the world's most famous museum.

To Be and to Have (Être et avoir)

A beautifully structured, luminously shot and intimately rendered portrait of a schoolhouse in central France.

Return to Normandy (Retour en Normandie)

Philibert's documentary is part autobiography, part homage to filmmaking and part meditation on history and modernity.

Every Little Thing (La moindre des choses)

Follow the occupants of a psychiatric institution as they begin rehearsals for their annual theatrical performance.

Angry Harvest: The Films of Agnieszka Holland

Fever (Goraczka. Dzieje jednego pocisku)

A politically and emotionally powerful film depicting a group of Polish anarchists and their bomb-making activities.

Screen Tests (Zdjecia probne)

Teen angst and romantic performativity form the basis of this bittersweet movie about lovemaking and filmmaking.

A Lonely Woman (Kobieta samotna)

Banned in Poland, this was the last film made by Holland in her homeland before seeking exile in France.

Olivier, Olivier

An enthralling picture of a family struggling to overcome strained relationships.

Provincial Actors (Aktorzy prowincjonalni)

A powerful study of the tensions between members of a theatrical troupe in a small town near Warsaw.

Europa Europa

A darkly ironic masterpiece about the wartime experiences of a German Jewish adolescent.

Tropical Maladies: The Cinema of Lucrecia Martel

The Flower of My Secret (La flor de mi secreto)

Marisa Paredes stars as an ageing romance novelist whose life teeters on the verge of collapse.

The Headless Woman (La mujer sin cabeza)

Premiering at Cannes, Lucrecia Martel's latest feature was a favourite on the film festival circuit.

The Swamp (La ciénaga)

Lucrecia Martel's debut feature about two multi-generational families and the tensions between them.

Holy Girl (La niña santa)

An adolescent girl living in a hotel with her mother develops a sense of her nascent sexual prowess.

Luis Buñuel


Luis Buñuel's allegory of the bestial and the beautiful.


This beautifully shot film is one of Buñuel's most vehement and rigorous attacks on Catholicism.

Samurais, Assassins, Rebels and Double Suicides

Double Suicide (Shinjû: Ten no amijima)

A paper merchant and a geisha plan a double suicide in order to be united in death.

Killers on Parade (Yuhi ni akai ore no kao)

A vengeful building contractor hires professional hitmen to target an investigative journalist.

A Flame at the Pier (Namida o shishi no tategami ni)

A dockworker becomes a lackey in a conflict between his company's boss and the dockyard's union.

Samurai Spy (Ibun Sarutobi Sasuke)

A forlorn samurai is caught up in the political intrigues surrounding a war between two rival clans.

Dry Lake (Kawaita mizuumi)

This tale of rebellion stars Shinichirô Mikami as a youth bored with daydreaming about terrorism.

The Assassination (Ansatsu)

Masahiro Shinoda's first period film depicts the life of Hachiro Kiyokawa.

You Can't Go Home Again: Nicholas Ray

In a Lonely Place

One of Nicholas Ray's defining works stars Bogart as a screenwriter wrongfully accused of murder.

Knock on Any Door

Humphrey Bogart stars as a crusading lawyer defending a young hood (John Derek) accused of murder.

They Live By Night

Nicholas Ray's first feature builds on the mythical territory of Fritz Lang's You Only Live Once.

Johnny Guitar

Joan Crawford stars as a world-weary saloon-keeper in Ray's hypnotic, dream-like opus.

Rebel Without a Cause

Nicholas Ray's inter-generational drama features James Dean's iconic portrayal of a troubled teen.

Party Girl

Robert Taylor stars as a mouthpiece for the mob who meets his match in Cyd Charisse.

Tenderly, Tragically: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

In the Year of 13 Moons (In einem jahr mit 13 monden)

Brutal yet beautiful, Fassbinder's most personal film was inspired by the death of his lover.

The Third Generation (Die dritte generation)

This dark comedy about a group of would-be terrorists is regarded as one of Fassbinder's best films.

The Marriage of Maria Braun (Die Ehe der Maria Braun)

The first of Fassbinder's BRD Trilogy is one of the director's most highly regarded films.

Veronika Voss (Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss)

This fictionalised biography of Sybille Schmitz was released just before Fassbinder's death.

Fox and His Friends (Faustrecht der Freiheit)

After winning the lottery, a carnival worker is trapped in the power play of a group of socialites.

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (Angst essen Seele auf)

Fassbinder's melodrama about a romance between a Moroccan immigrant and an German domestic worker.

Phantoms and Fireworks: Tsui Hark

The Master (Huang Fei Hong jiu er zhi long xing tian xia)

Jet Li draws upon his innocent charm to quaintly amusing effect in this martial-arts revenge caper.

Shanghai Blues (Shang Hai zhi yen)

Tsui Hark's penchant for genre play is beautifully showcased in this fast-paced romantic comedy.

The Blade

Tsui's reworking of 'The One-Armed Swordsman' is a tour-de-force of editing and martial arts.

Zu - Warriors from the Magic Mountain

Tsui Hark's spectacular martial arts fantasy classic.

Once Upon a Time in China

This comedic and extravagant homage to Sergio Leone is Hong Kong cinema at its most breathless.

Dangerous Encounters - First Kind

Tsui's cult film is an anarchic, entropic, politically resonant depth charge full of nervous energy.

The Garden of Forking Paths: Alain Resnais

Last Year at Marienbad (L'année dernière à marienbad)

A man tries to convince a woman (the cool Delphine Seyrig) that they had an affair the year before.

Muriel, or the Time of Return (Un le temps d'un retour)

Resnais' deeply philosophical follow-up to 'Last Year at Marienbad'.


Based on the Stavisky Affair, a financial scandal that led to the collapse of the French government.

Je t'aime, je t'aime

Projected back one year in time, a man is condemned to relive his doomed romantic relationship.

Hiroshima My Love (Hiroshima mon amour)

Resnais' classic about a French actress who has a brief affair with a troubled Japanese architect.

The War is Over (La guerre est finie)

In Resnais' visionary film, a world-weary leftist exile realises that his cause will not prevail.

Australia's John Hughes


An examination of the work of the Australian Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit.

One Way Street: Fragments for Walter Benjamin

An inventive portrait of German-Jewish philosopher and cultural theorist Walter Benjamin.

The Archive Project

An insight into the Melbourne Realist Film Unit, 'activist' filmmakers working in the '40s and '50s.

The Future of Film: Sergei Eisenstein

Battleship Potemkin

A battleship crew incite a political riot when they are served rotten meat for dinner.

Alexander Nevsky

Sergei Eisenstein paints a patriotic picture of Alexander Nevsky with a bold political sub-text.

Ivan the Terrible Part I (Ivan groznyy)

Part 1 of Eisenstein's classic historical epic about the notorious Russian tsar.

Ivan the Terrible Pt 2 (Ivan groznyy: skaz vtoroy - boyarskiy zagovor)

Part 2 of Eisenstein's portrait of the 16th century tsar was banned for over 10 years.

Strike (Stachka)

The story of a tsarist-era workers' strike and its brutal suppression.

October (Oktyabr)

Eisenstein's dizzying, kaleidoscopic dramatisation of the 1917 October Revolution.

Urban(e) Visions

Hotel Diaries

John Smith documents his hotel stays around the world in a series of single-take films.

Formal Environmentalism: Recent Work by Steven Ball

A compelling look at key contemporary artist Steven Ball and his provocative work.

Of Time and the City

Terrence Davies pays tribute to the long lost city of his youth, Liverpool, England.

American Screwball Classics

Nothing Sacred

No American institution is spared in this comedic send-up of New York's yellow press.

My Man Godfrey

A wealthy man posing as a derelict is hired as a family butler in this screwball classic.


A sparkling fairytale of an American living off her considerable talents in Parisian high society.

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

This delightfully irreverent screwball comedy was Paramount's highest grossing film of 1944.

Ball of Fire

A satirical interpretation of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' filled with witty repartee.

The Awful Truth

Cary Grant and Irene Dunne play a bickering couple in this lively screwball comedy.

John Cassavetes

A Woman Under the Influence

Gena Rowlands stars in Cassavetes' provocative portrait of domestic madness.

Crime in the Streets

Cassavetes stars Don Siegel's claustrophobic depiction of gang culture and disenfranchised youth.

Antonioni Double Feature

Le Amiche

A group of career women struggle to meet the demands of work, love and glamour in the city.

Red Desert

Antonioni's first colour film explores the tensions arising within a modern industrial landscape.

Opening Night

Seven Samurai

Kurosawa's first 'samurai' film and his absolute masterpiece.