Freaky Fridays Archive 2011 Late Night Cult

Worship at the temple of cult cinema every Friday night.

Spotlighting the maverick, the oddball, the creepy and just plain kooky from the classic and newer canons of cult.

Curated by Roberta Ciabarra

Fridays 9.30pm
Full $15 Concession $12 ACMI Member $11

My Own Private Idaho

Freaky Fridays' annual River Phoenix memorial screening of Gus Van Sant's indie classic from 1991.

Black Vengeance

Shelly Winters is big bad Bertha in this 1973 hicksploitation flick.


Matt Dillon stars in the screen adaptation of the autobiographical novel by Charles Bukowski.

Drugstore Cowboy

Matt Dillon, Kelly Lynch and William Burroughs star in Gus Van Sant's break-out indie hit from 1989.

Death Proof

Kurt Russell's StuntmanMike gets his comeuppance in Tarantino's kinetic chick-flick revenge fantasy.

Devil's Angels

John Cassavetes is the leader of the pack in the cult Roger Corman-produced biker flick from 1967.

Two-Lane Blacktop

Monte Hellman's epic road movie from 1971 - screening in a brand new 35mm print.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Michel Gondry teams with Charlie Kaufman in a rom-com head-trip that aims straight for the heart.

The Science of Sleep

Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg play dreamlovers in Gondry's multiplane reality rom-com.

Be Kind Rewind

Jack Black and Mos Def give new meaning to DIY filmmaking in Gondry's endearingly oddball comedy.

American Splendor

Paul Giamatti and Harvey Pekar share the role of Harvey Pekar in a wry, bittersweet biopic.


Terry Zwigoff's documentary on artist/provocateur Robert Crumb. Winner, Sundance Grand Jury Prize.

Kuchar Program #3

George Kuchar's "The Devil's Cleavage" screens with the short, "Wild Night in El Reno".

Kuchar Program #2

"Sins of the Fleshapoids" screens with "The Craven Sluck" and "Hold Me While I'm Naked".

Kuchar Program #1

George Kuchar-directed featurette "Corruption of the Damned" screens with "Color Me Shameless".

It Came From Kuchar

A portrait of American underground filmmakers Mike and George Kuchar, "the Mozarts of 8mm film".


"Spinal Tap" meets "The Munsters": a destined-to-be-cult mockumentary from Belgium.

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction

Gay and Muslim would-be American heroes mix it with the undead in a post-9/11 'zomedy' satire.

La Horde

A full-tilt, hyper-stylised French entry in the action zombie genre.


The micro-budget zombie hit Sight&Sound rates as meriting "serious comparison with Romero's work".

Bear Nation

A funny, fresh, forthright new documentary from the director of Small Town Gay Bar.

The Passenger (Professione: Reporter)

The fully-restored cut of Michelangelo Antonioni's '70s classic starring Jack Nicholson.

The Box

Cameron Diaz co-stars in the latest mind-warp thriller from the director of Donnie Darko.

Donnie Darko (2001)

The original release version of Richard Kelly's cult hit from 2001.

The American Astronaut

Final screening of the Sundance-lauded sci-fi musical western starring Stingray Sam's Cory McAbee.

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