Melbourne Filmoteca Archive 2011

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American film

Melbourne Filmoteca is a non-profit, volunteer-run group that aims to provide a space for people with a broad range of interests and backgrounds to learn about and appreciate not only film and video from the regions, but also the language, music and cultures of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Monthly screenings in the ACMI Cinemas celebrate the richness of latin filmmaking, from classics to experimental new work.

Curated by Melbourne Filmoteca

The Stoplight Society (La sociedad del semáforo)

A beggar on the streets of Bogotá attempts to control the red traffic lights so buskers and vendors have more time to perform.


The story of a lonely but insensitive man who buys used goods from people going through hard times.


In 2010 an earthquake hit Chile. This is the story of how a small town began to rebuild its life.

Nonna's Trip

A moving cross-generational story of family, memory and overseas adventure.

Hispanic Short Films Night

Showcasing the best new shorts from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Spain.


García is the story of an ordinary man for whom fate has a handful of surprises.

Tamboro - Equal for Everyone (Tamboro - para todos sem exceção)

Sergio Bernardes' frank exploration of environment, crime and poverty in contemporary Brazil.

Flowers in the Desert (Flores en el desierto)

This rare film documents the daily lives and pilgrimage travels of Mexico's Wixarika community.


Double-crosses abound in this wickedly funny Colombian thriller about infidelity and revenge.

Salvadorian Short Films Night

A showcase of talent and creativity from El Salvador.