Melbourne Filmoteca Archive 2012

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American film

Melbourne Filmoteca is a non-profit, volunteer-run group that aims to provide a space for people with a broad range of interests and backgrounds to learn about and appreciate not only film and video from the regions, but also the language, music and cultures of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Monthly screenings in the ACMI Cinemas celebrate the richness of latin filmmaking, from classics to experimental new work.

Curated by Melbourne Filmoteca

Argentinean Independent Shorts Showcase

Melbourne Filmoteca and the Tapiales International Film Festival present work by some of Argentina's best emerging directors.

The Tightrope

Documentarian Nuria Ibáñez explores the dynamics and intimate interactions of a touring family circus in Mexico.


Confined to a wheelchair, Porfirio is a victim of Colombian terrorism who decides to take matters into his own hands.

El Chino Bar

A documentarian finds inspiration at El Chino Bar, an iconic venue in Argentina for artist gatherings and tango gigs.


A young French girl starts a new life with her elderly father in Spain, who she has never met before.

La Zona

'La Zona' tells the story of an exclusive new neighbourhood protected against crime in Mexico D.F.

Seawards Journey (Viaje Hacia el Mar)

Six men from the country travel from Minas to Canelones to see the sea for the very first time.

Red Bear (Oso Rojo)

Oso has just been released from prison. Now it is time to reclaim his wife and daughter.

The Bad Intentions (Las Malas Intenciones)

This offbeat drama set in the 1980s is the story of a solitary Peruvian girl with a vivid imagination.

The 13 Roses (La 13 rosas)

The story of thirteen women unjustly accused and executed for participating in the riots against Franco in 1940 Spain.

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