First Look Archive 2012

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Curated by Kristy Matheson


In the second of his design film trilogy, Hustwit's concern turns industrial, from the humble toothbrush to the car you drive.


A film that has become synonymous with design, 'Helvetica' traces the history of the famous typeface on its 50th anniversary.

Sexy Baby

Ronna Gradus and Jill Bauer's compelling documentary on the rise of raunch culture and the cyber age.

The Story of Film An Odyssey

Mark Cousins' passionate ode to cinema is a wild and heady ride from the silent era to the digital age.

Putty Hill

Matthew Porterfield's docu-fiction offers a fresh cinematic experience, suggesting he's a definite talent to watch.


A moving yet unsentimental portrait of new mother Lena, set against the images and sounds of a Baltimore Summer.

Under Control (Unter kontrolle)

A highlight of the 2011 Berlinale, Volker Sattel's mesmerising examination of the nuclear industry is an aesthetic tour de force.

Come Back, Africa

A defiant cinematic statement on racial politics, cited by Martin Scorsese as "a heroic film".

The Black Power Mix Tape 1967-1975

Göran Hugo Olsson's riveting Sundance Film Festival hit.

Mama Africa

Kaurismäki's biography celebrates Miriam Makeba, the first lady of South African song.

New Jerusalem

Indie-folk hero Will Oldham stars in this meditative neo-realist portrait of modern relationships.

Bombay Beach

Director Almar Har'el's feature debut is a startling mix of poetry, documentary and performance.

Paradise Lost 1: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills

Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's celebrated documentary is one of the most influential of its time.

Paradise Lost 2: Revelations

Five years on, filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky return to document the appeals process and fresh evidence in the case.

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Paradise Lost 3 provides a stunning conclusion to one of America's most notorious judicial cases.

Paradise Lost Trilogy

See all three films in Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's award-winning documentary trilogy.

Happy Happy (Sykt lykkelig)

An award-winning film that walks an accomplished line between drama, comedy and farce.

Guilty Pleasures

Nothing says romance like Mills and Boon; at least that rings true for those in this wry, heartfelt portrait of modern love.

Suddenly, Last Summer

Mania and melodrama abound in this Academy Award®-nominated drama with Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift.

Animals Distract Me + Green Porno

A group of films by Isabella Rosselini, including outlandishly creative shorts on the reproductive secrets of the animal kingdom!

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