Australian Perspectives Archive 2010

Contemporary Australian filmmaking is framed against a backdrop of archival classics and special guest presentations.

Saturdays 4pm
All tickets $8

Curated by James Nolen

Voss - An Opera in Two Acts

Based on Patrick White's novel, Voss was transformed into an opera and captured on film by the ABC.

Summer of Secrets

Jim Sharman, director of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, returned to Australia to make this curio.

The Chain Reaction

Featuring futuristic car chase sequences supervised by second unit director George Miller.


Pure Ozploitation, with a cameo by John-Michael Howson playing to type as a bitchy theatre critic.

Touch and Go

Wendy Hughes, Chantal Contouri and Carmen Duncan embrace the caper genre with gay abandon.


30th anniversary screening of this ground breaking film by first time director John Honey

Blood Money

Local legend John Flaus stars as an ageing crim who re-enters the criminal underworld.

David Williamson's The Club

Footy legends Peter Daicos and Rene Kink join the cast of this classic 1980 film.

Dogs in Space

Richard Lowenstein navigates the world of drugs, dropouts and punk music in late '70s Melbourne.

We're Living on Dog Food

A behind-the-scenes look at Dogs in Space that also celebrates Melbourne's punk scene.

Type Face

Co-presented as part of the State of Design Festival and introduced by designer Stephen Banham.


Virtually unseen since 1973, this film is an impressionistic tour of Nazi culture.

The 10 Conditions of Love

This documentary tells the amazing story of the struggle of the Uyghur people, led by Rebiya Kadeer.

A Loving Friend

This controversial documentary examines Australian artist Donald Friend's life in Bali.


A look at the world of surfing in its purest terms - no big names, no big egos, just pure surf.

The Life and Films of Alby Falzon

Explore 40 years of surf culture with one of the pioneers of the surf film, Alby Falzon.

Morning of the Earth

Filmed over three locations, this film is a fantasy of surfers playing in Mother Nature's oceans.

Surfing 50 States

Two lads, an ice-cream truck and 50 states. The mission? To surf them all - landlocked or not.

Ride a White Horse

A chronicle of two surfing icons set to an ultra-groovy jazzadelic score featuring Sven Libaek.

Mad Dog Morgan

Mad by name and mad by nature, Dennis Hopper fires both barrels in this Australian bushranger epic.

Palm Beach

Set on Sydney's northern beaches, this gritty drama mixes surf, sex and an Aussie rock soundtrack.

Somewhere Near Tapachula

In Tapachula, Mexico, two expats find that surfing can change the hardest of lives.

Puberty Blues

The 'glassy walls' become 'glass ceilings' in this coming-of-age beach drama.

Searching for Michael Peterson

Journey through the life of one of Australia's most successful, and enigmatic, surfers.

Crystal Voyager

Sun, surf and psychedelia come to the surface in this bona-fide Aussie surf classic.


It's not just fun in the sun in this new Aussie surf film with Lachlan Buchanan and Xavier Samuel.

Tango with a Twist

Watch as the power of dance transforms this group of Australians into more than just great dancers.

Breaker Morant

Bud Tingwell stars as Lieutenant Colonel Denny in this acclaimed anti-war movie by Bruce Beresford.

Always Another Dawn

Charles 'Bud' Tingwell stars in his first major role in this film about the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Three Blind Mice

One of Bud Tingwell's last screen appearances marks Matthew Newton's feature directorial debut.

The Inside Story

Charles 'Bud' Tingwell treads new territory in this supernatural thriller about a mysterious book.

Thunderbirds are GO

Bud Tingwell is the voice of Dr Tony Grant in this marionette feature film.


We begin our tribute to Charles 'Bud' Tingwell with this 80s classic also starring Nicole Kidman.