Long Play Archive 2010

Selected from the finest offerings of new and newly restored international cinema, our extended run seasons give you time to enjoy the ride!

American: The Bill Hicks Story

A refreshingly comprehensive and (un)star-studded account of an unforgettable life.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

This compelling new documentary chronicles a year in the life of comedy legend Joan Rivers.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Banksy's funny, raucous (and cautionary) tale on art, ambition and the cult of celebrity.


Steeped in legend, Goemon thunders as a ninja-romance-fantasy-revenge epic of gigantic proportions.

Good Hair

Funny-man Chris Rock explores the ways in which 'good hair' affects the lives of African Americans.


Ozon's handsomely crafted take on the modern family, with a surprising magic realist twist.

Easy Rider

Hopper's startling directorial debut returns fully restored for the big screen.