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Film Retrospectives: Focus On

The popular Focus On series at ACMI is both a celebration of film genres and a showcase of cinematic accomplishments by some of the world's finest directors, writers, cinematographers and actors.

Je t'aime: The Filmic Lives of Gainsbourg and Birkin

Experience the cinematic signatures of Serge, Jane and Charlotte in a season brimming with passion and enduring style.

Monsters, Ghouls and Melancholy Misfits

A season of films spanning six decades, featuring key actors, genres and motifs that have informed and inspired Tim Burton's visual aesthetic.

Focus on Claudia Cardinale

The most glamorous screen star to emerge out of 1960s Italian cinema.

Focus on Hopper's America

A cinematic trip through the times and artistic influences of one of Hollywood's great rebels.

Focus on East German Cinema

Spanning teen musicals, red westerns, psychedelic sci-fi and socialist dramas, this collection of cinematic rarities offers a fascinating glimpse behind the Iron Curtain.

Focus on Australian Noir

Melt into a gritty world inhabited by grifters, misfits and antiheros.

Focus on Girls 24/7

'The girls' are up front in these stylistically brazen films by women directors from the sixties and early seventies.

Focus on Wendy Hughes

Celebrate the career of a major Australian actor, whose style is defined by her classic poise and cool eroticism.

Focus on Dante Ferretti

Immerse yourself in the lavish worlds of the Oscar-winning production designer, in his collaborations with directors from Fellini to Scorsese.

Focus on William Klein

Uncover a world of pop art, agitprop, sporting icons, fashion and fabulous filmmaking in this explosion of wild genius from an untamed cinema original

focus on spike lee

A career survey of the provocative, powerhouse filmmaker who revolutionised the role of African American talent in the contemporary cinema.

focus on johnnie to

Take an idiosyncratic ride through the always unpredictable streets of Hong Kong cinema with one of its greatest and most prolific filmmakers.

focus on víctor erice and abbas kiarostami

A survey of rare early works and classics by the directors featured in Correspondences, plus key works from their respective film traditions.

focus on jim henson

Jim Henson's legacy is celebrated in a special season ranging from rarely screened experimental works to the pioneering puppetry of Sesame Street.

Focus on Ozploitation

Lashings of gratuitous sex, violence and fuel-injected muscle car mayhem - the 70s and 80s Aussie exploitation films that broke all the taboos.

focus on john cassavetes

Rediscover the daring and emotionally raw films of the quintessential actor's director and defining figure of American independent cinema.

focus on a century of russian cinema

Featuring monumental films from Eisenstein and Tarkovsky, don't miss this celebration of newly restored and rarely seen Soviet-era cinema classics.

focus on gus van sant

Lyrical, wry and formally elegant, the hypnotic films of Gus Van Sant explore the search for love, connection and a place to call home.

focus on the greek diaspora

Immigration in Greek Cinema (1956-2006) arrives from Melbourne's sister city, Thessaloniki.

focus on asia and dario argento

Discover the work of actor, director and international 'It Girl' Asia Argento, screening alongside signature classics by her horror maestro father.

focus on catherine breillat

The works of director and novelist Catherine Breillat delve into gender, sexuality and the turmoil of human relationships.

focus on francois ozon

ACMI pays tribute to the stylish, sexually charged and multifaceted works of François Ozon.

focus on peter whitehead

Previously unseen material from the archives of Peter Whitehead - legendary filmmaker, author, falconer and artiste.

thumbnail of isabelle huppert

focus on isabelle huppert

Cool, intense and hypnotic, France's most daring contemporary actress is celebrated in a retrospective charting an iconic screen career.

thumbnail for punk and the pistols

focus on punk

Piercingly political and anti-establishment, get up close and angry with the music subculture that defined a generation.

thumbnail of del toro on the set of pan's labyrinth

focus on guillermo del toro

How a self-confessed special effects 'geek' from Mexico reinvigorated the fantasy horror genre and became the finest living exponent of fabulist film.

thumbnail from 1900

focus on land and freedom

The triumph of human resilience, the potency of idealism and the anarchy of emotion.

thumbnail from the wizard of oz

focus on movie magic

How the spectacle of cinema has left audiences astonished by its magic over the past century.

thumbnail from a history of violence

focus on david cronenberg

To celebrate the release of his extraordinary new film, ACMI salutes David Cronenberg with a comprehensive retrospective that spans a 35 year career.

thumbnail image stanley kubrick

focus on stanley kubrick

ACMI celebrates the films of the master director.

thumbnail from astro boy

focus on tezuka

How Tezuka transformed his manga into anime for film and television, ranging from commentaries on Japanese culture to celebrated characters.

thumbnail from volver

focus on pedro almodóvar

How Almodóvar places women at the centre of his extravagantly styled and emotionally intoxicating cinema.

focus on christine vachon

How a daring independent American producer has brought subversive stories of politics, sexual transgression and gender-bending into the limelight.

thumbnail short cuts robert altman

focus on robert altman & raymond carver

How an auteur director raised the bar for literary adaptations and inspired a renewed appreciation of American short-story master Raymond Carver.

thumbnail from secret agent

focus on early hitchcock

Hitchcock's early British films combine wit with menacing tension, eighty years after his first silent thriller, he remains the 'master of suspense'.

thumbnail from gypsies are found near heaven

focus on gypsies

How the gypsy has been imagined on screen, and why cinema has been swept up in a hot-blooded flourish of song and dance.

thumbnail from memoirs of a geisha

focus on dion beebe

ACMI pays tribute to the work of Oscar®-winning Australian Cinematographer Dion Beebe who has collaborated with highly renowned directors.

thumbnail for king kong

focus on monsters

Surrender to this mega-movie season, coinciding with the opening of Academy Award-winner Peter Jackson's much-anticipated King Kong.

thumbnail for belle de jour

focus on catherine deneuve

Fall under the spell of Deneuve in this retrospective of fabulously eclectic films from the greatest goddess of the screen.

thumbnail image jim jarmusch

focus on jim jarmusch

Retrospective of the work of maverick director Jim Jarmusch, celebrating the films that have made him a figurehead of American independent cinema.

thumbnail for adaptation

focus on writers

A cinema season exploring writers and the writing process.

thumbnail for spiderman 3

focus on superheroes

All your action-packed favourites kapow onto the screen at ACMI cinemas - from Superman and Wonder Woman to Batman and Barbarella.

focus on wong kar-wai

ACMI presents Australia's first major retrospective of the lush films of Hong Kong's pre-eminent arthouse director.

focus on female gothic

A season of horror, melodrama and noir films characterised by heroines forced to navigate a path of desire, repression and self-preservation.

thumbnail for raging bull

focus on robert de niro

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cult classic, Raging Bull, ACMI is proud to present a season of Robert De Niro classics, rarities and gems.

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