melbourne filmoteca archive 2008

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American film

Melbourne Filmoteca is a non-profit, volunteer-run group that aims to provide a space for people with a broad range of interests and backgrounds to learn about and appreciate not only film and video from the regions, but also the language, music and cultures of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Monthly screenings in the ACMI Cinemas celebrate the richness of latin filmmaking, from classics to experimental new work.

Curated by Melbourne Filmoteca

Full $13 Concession $10

a paper tiger (un tigre de papel)

Taking Colombian artist Manrique Figueroa's life and work as a pretext, this film takes the viewer on a journey through history from 1934 up to 1981.

tango or death (orquesta tipica) + east point (postales)

The story of a tango orchestra, twelve young Buenos Aires rockers playing politically commited tango in guerrilla style.

whatever happened to the spanish sahara?

An evening of films about Western Sahara presented by the Australia Western Sahara Association.

resistencia: hip-hop in colombia

The documentary Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia presents the remarkable mosaic of Colombian hip-hop. Note: Replaces Still Orangutans

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