El Chino Bar

Unclassified 18+
Daniel Burak, 100 mins, Argentina, 2003, DVCAM, Spanish with English Subtitles. Source: Vocación Productions.

El Chino Bar
El Chino Bar
El Chino Bar is an iconic venue in Argentina, famous for hosting artist gatherings and tango gigs. Jorge, a documentatiran, is inspired by the bar and decides to explore it and its creator, El Chino, through his camera lens. However, when El Chino dies, Jorge decides to wind down the project.

Martina, a young filmmaker, becomes a frequent client to the bar. Fascinated with the atmosphere of this peculiar venue, she starts her own project that will eventually overlap with Jorge's and overcome both El Chino's death and the country's tough political and social situation.

The screening includes a Q&A with the director, Daniel Burak.

Presented by Melbourne Filmoteca and Instituto Cervantes in Sydney
Best First Film 2004 - Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards
Audience Award Best Director 2004 - Lleida Latin American Film Festival

Tue 4 Sep 2012, 7.30pm + Q&A

    No Longer Available
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