Films from the Vault

Open Day, Sunday 20 September 2009

To celebrate the launch of Screen Worlds, the Film Programs team has dug deep into the ACMI Collection and brought to the surface some rare, exemplary and extra-special short works for your entertainment pleasure.

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10.30am, 1pm
Program 1 > Earth G
Marvel at the wonders of Mother Nature in this breathtaking documentary. Five years in the making, extraordinary camerawork captures a full year in the life of the planet in 200 locations over 21 countries. Running time: 95 mins.

Program 2 > The Devil's Toy unclassified all ages
Teenagers run amok circa 1969 in this great skateboard timepiece which shows just what an evil menace those darn skateboards can be to our youth. The more things change.well, the more they change. Also screening is what would have to be one of the most unusual and chuckle-filled education films produced, David & Jennifer Learn Their Curb Drill (1960). Approximate running time: 15 mins.

Program 3 > Exemplary Animations unclassified all ages
Experience a snapshot of the lovely textures of animation with these two extraordinary and gentle works: Project Vlad (1999) and Father and Daughter (2000), a deceptively simple journey of time and memory. Approximate running time: 17 mins.

Program 4 > The Secret History of Space unclassified all ages
Join us for an ultra-rare screening of the legendary Star Wars spoof Hardware Wars - a staple of the independent cinema scene circa 1978. Also screening is the international multi award-winning animated short Cosmic Zoom (1969) which takes you on a journey from the infinite dimensions of space to the tiniest particle. Approximate running time: 22 mins.

Program 5 > Extemporary Animations Part 2 unclassified all ages
In Recently 2 (2000) a man undertakes a new medical procedure that allows him to see everything inside his body. Fast Film (2003) comments on Hollywood and mutates into a narrative where the suave Cary Grant and Frankenstein's monster happily co-exist side by side. Approximate running time: 22 mins.

Program 6 > Blinky Bill's Favourite Café unclassified all ages
That mischievous koala and his bush pals are at it again in this classic animation from Screen Worlds spotlight animator Yoram Gross. Fun for young and old ensues as Blinky weaves his own blend of humour and knock-about Aussie fun. Approximate running time: 24 mins.

Program 7 > Great Moments in Micro-documentary unclassified all ages
Experience two beautiful short documentaries from two master filmmakers, D.A. Pennebaker's Daybreak Express (1953) and Lindsay Anderson's O Dreamland (1953). Approximate running time: 19 mins.

Program 8 > Adam Elliot Tribute unclassified all ages
Come with us to explore the wonderful world of the Oscar-winning animator (and one of Melbourne's not-so-hidden treasures) in this wonderful trilogy of Brother (1999), Cousin (1998) and Uncle (1996). Approximate running time: 20 mins.

Program 9 > City Lights unclassified all ages
Explore life in the big city with these three excellent short documentaries starting with a look at Melbourne's Commission living in Rise (1998), Michael Carmody's poetic Carpark (2001) and David Caesar's fantastic Shoppingtown (1986). Approximate running time: 24 mins.

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