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First Hand Project
First Hand is a cultural training and media project for young Indigenous people in Melbourne and regional areas. The project gives young Koories the skills to explore questions of culture and identity through the moving image.

During late 2004 and early 2005, participants completed training in communications, media and cultural studies, practical workshops in video production and a scriptwriting workshop held in the Screen Pit at ACMI. Community elders from metropolitan and regional areas (including Uncle Wally Cooper, Aunty Joy Wandin-Murphy and Uncle Sandy Atkinson) facilitated discussions about Indigenous culture and identity.

Join us for the launch at ACMI Cinemas of the documentaries produced by the participants of the First Hand Project.

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Gone But Not Forgotten
Sonia Harrison, 5 mins, Australia, 2005

Old Man
Amy Gordon, 6 mins, Australia 2005

Jacy Alberts-Pevitt, 7 mins, Australia, 2005

In This Place Again
Tim Kanoa, 7 mins, Australia, 2005

No Dedication (No Education)
Ballarat Aboriginal Co-op Youth Group, 5mins, Australia, 2005

Possum's Tale
Josie Atkinson, 8 mins, Australia, 2005  

This collection of extraordinary documentaries will later be exhibited at the Koorie Heritage Trust 's new multimedia exhibition space in July and August, to coincide with NAIDOC Week Victoria. They will also screen on Songlines on Channel 31, and eventually will become part of the Memory Grid - ACMI's unique interactive exhibition space for short films.

Dates   30 Jun 2005, 7pm
Admission   Full $7
Concession (and regional discount) $5
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