Animals Distract Me + Green Porno

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Animals Distract Me
Animals Distract Me
Animals Distract Me
Isabella Rossellini, 48 mins, USA, 2010, Digital Betacam, Source/Courtesy: Discovery Green Planet

Since childhood, Isabella Rossellini has been obsessed by creatures great and small. Her latest directorial offering furthers this inquiry through the perspectives of the many animals around her - from the eyelash-dwelling dermodex battling mascara to the adorable guide dog she helps train.

Whether she is being photographed by Fabrizio Ferri or visited by the spirit of Charles Darwin (in a fantastical turn by Rossellini herself), these endlessly fascinating creatures cause distraction at every turn.

Green Porno
Isabella Rossellini and Jody Shapiro, 48 mins, USA, 2008 Digital Betacam, Source/Courtesy: Passion Distribution

The secrets of the animal kingdom are writ-large in these outlandish award-winning shorts commissioned by the Sundance Channel. Fascinated by the "infinite, strange and scandalous ways that insects copulate" Rossellini enters a brightly coloured world of cardboard and pipe cleaners transforming into a spider, a bee, and a praying mantis!

Through howls of laughter and giddy wonderment and the sheer inventiveness of these creations, Rossellini educates audiences by stealth, just like her spider creeping through a web.

"Bright colours, goofy leotard-based costumes, undulating foam rubber - it's hot stuff." - Playboy

"Funny and insightful" - Hot Docs

Dates   Thu 5 Jan 2012, 7pm

Fri 6 Jan 2012, 7pm

Sat 7 Jan 2012, 7pm

Sun 8 Jan 2012, 5.30pm

    No Longer Available
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