Bombay Beach

Unclassified 18+
Alma Har'el, 80 mins, USA, 2011, HDCam. Courtesy: Bombay Beach Films.

Bombay Beach
Bombay Beach

Once a playground for the rich and famous, the Salton Sea is now a ghostly shanty town in the Californian desert. The small population inhabits a landscape where surreal beauty intersects with the harsh realities of life on the very margins of society.

Director Almar Har'el's feature debut is a startling mix of poetry, documentary and performance, where incredible images melt into an exceptional soundtrack by Beirut's Zach Condon and tracks by Bob Dylan.

Described by Terry Gilliam as "a beautiful, quirky, and ultimately very moving film about the American Dream as it teeters on the edge of a desert sea", this is unique and breathtaking cinema.

Dates   Fri 6 Apr 2012, 7pm

Sat 7 Apr 2012, 7pm

Sun 8 Apr 2012, 5.30pm

Mon 9 Apr 2012, 5.30pm

    No Longer Available
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