Come Back, Africa

Unclassified 18+
Lionel Rogosin, 95 mins, USA, 1959, 35mm, B&W, English and Afrikaans with English subtitles. Courtesy: Cineteca di Bologna.

Come Back, Africa
Come Back, Africa
After the success of his OscarĀ©-nominated On the Bowery, Lionel Rogosin felt compelled to make an artistic protest of Apartheid. Claiming his film would be a musical travelogue to attract tourism, he was given a permit from the authorities to shoot, however what emerged was a damming representation of life in the regime, shot in clandestine conditions.

Zachariah leaves his village to take a series of lowly jobs in the city. Confronted by torment and derision at every turn, he looks for solace down at the illegal speakeasy in Sophiatown.

Described by Martin Scorsese as "a heroic film", Come Back, Africa stands as one of the most defiant cinematic statements on racial politics and a celebration of the cultural vibrancy of the South African townships.

Newly restored 35mm print.

"A remarkable piece of cinema." - Time Magazine

"The sound of the beating of the consciousness of a waking Africa." - Jonas Mekas, Village Voice
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