Happy Happy (Sykt lykkelig)

Unclassified 18+
Anne Sewitsky, 85 mins, Norway, 2010, DCP, Norwegian with English subtitles. Source: Aztec Entertainment. Courtesy: Aztec Entertainment.

Happy Happy (Sykt lykkelig)
Happy Happy (Sykt lykkelig)
Garnering the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2011, Anne Sewitsky walks an accomplished line between drama, comedy and farce in her outstanding new feature.

Kaja and her husband Eirik live a quiet life in Norway's remote woods. Aside from the challenges of lonesomeness, they are suffering marital problems. Moving in across the snowy field is Elisabeth and Sigve who have a much less uptight relationship.

United by isolation, the new friendships introduce new perspectives - and as if awaking after a decade-long coma, all four grab hold of thoughts and desires that have been long lying dormant, for better or worse.

Whilst the adults are grappling with themselves, the children are playing their own odd games of "struggle" with their own akimbo social commentary.

Gently pulling focus from one character to another, Sewitsky seamlessly stitches together four very different stories with four very different outcomes.

"For all the zaniness, the movie's understanding and insight come in moments so incisive that the sharpness will sting." - The Los Angeles Times

Dates   Thu 9 Feb 2012, 7pm

Fri 10 Feb 2012, 7pm

Sat 11 Feb 2012, 7pm

Sun 12 Feb 2012, 5.30pm

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