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Julie Rrap, 30 sec, Australia, 2004. Digital Video

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Produced and Directed by: Julie Rrap
Digital effects: Eoin Murphy
Sound: Cathy Vogan
SBS Independent: Commissioning Editor: Glenys Rowe
ACMI: Executive Producer: Clare Stewart
ACMI: Production Manager: Philippa Campey
© Julie Rrap

ARTV: produced with the assistance of ACMI and SBS Independent


Julie Rrap's unconventional nude study uses digital imaging to stunning effect, creating a fleshy mutant form as a woman slides into her own reflection.

Biography - Julie Rrap

Lives and works in Sydney.

Rrap completed a BA at the University of Queensland and later studied at the National Art School and City Art Institute, Sydney. Between 1986 and 1994 she lived and worked in Europe. Her work has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas, and in major international exhibitions including the Biennale of Sydney, 1986, 1988, 1992; The Body Show, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1997; and Systems End: Contemporary Art in Australia, Japan and Korea, 1996. Rrap has received the Hermann's Art Award in 2001; three Australia Council Fellowships; and has undertaken residencies in Italy, Paris and Grenoble.

Artist Statement - Julie Rrap

'FleshPool is a work that explores the body and its other: its shadow, its reflection. This work attempts to use technology as a mirror on itself, to push beyond the rational and explore both the sinister and the visionary in the human desire to challenge nature.

How is it that, on the one hand, medical science can cull disease and deformity in the unborn, while at the same time, foster the 'deformity' created by plastic surgery typified by many celebrities? The more we appear to master the fragility of the body through medical science, the more I believe we expose our deeper psychological frailties.'

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