Pure Shit

R 18+
Bert Deling, 85 mins, Australia, 35mm. Source: National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. Courtesy: Bert Deling.

Pure Shit
Pure Shit
Four junkies traverse the city in pursuit of drugs and action.

A film for and about outsiders, Bert Deling's outlaw classic has a thrilling sense of danger in both style and story - even 30 years later.

Dark, dingy and known to the law, it's the kind of delinquent kid you don't want your child to play with.

The status of this true gem only seems to get stronger as time passes, which says a lot about the truth of its characterisations, its spirit and Deling's eye for the times - 1975. 

Despite the downbeat and downright seedy backdrops and lives, something vibrant is captured here - the misadventures of this gaggle of small-time crims and big-time junkies makes it a truly 'must-see' Australian film experience.

"A classic in the annals of feral Australian cinema." Cinephillia
Dates   Fri 18 Sep 2009, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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