My Name Is Joker (Meera naam joker)

Unclassified 15+
Raj Kapoor, 184 mins, India, 1970, 35mm, Hindi with English subtitles.

My Name is Joker
My Name is Joker
Clocking in at almost four hours, Kapoor's legendary box office disaster was condemned as an exercise in self-pity at the time of its release, but has since had its reputation revived by Western critics who have proclaimed it is as a self-reflexive masterwork.

Kapoor reinterprets his trademark tramp persona, removing all traces of heroism and replacing it with a saccharine, love-obsessed clown.

A compulsively watchable, astonishing train wreck of a film. Screening includes an interval.

New 35mm print.

Dates   Sat 10 Mar 2012, 7pm
Sun 11 Mar 2012, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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