Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Kal aaj aur kal)

Unclassified 15+
Randhir Kapoor, 152 mins, India, 1971, Digital Betacam, Hindi with English subtitles.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
A family affair in every sense of the word, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow marks the return to form for Raj Kapoor after the somewhat disastrous My Name Is Joker.

The film stars three generations of Kapoors: Raj's father Prithviraj, Raj himself and son Randhir, who also directed this story of generational conflict.

When Rajesh (Randhir) returns home after studying abroad, his grandfather (Prithviraj) can set his plans for his grandson in motion, which include an arranged marriage. But Rajesh will marry no one other than his girlfriend Mona (Randhir's real life wife-to-be Babita). Caught right in the middle of their dispute is poor Raj himself!

Screening includes an interval.

Dates   Fri 24 Feb 2012, 7pm

Sun 26 Feb 2012, 8pm

    No Longer Available
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