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Guy Maddin, 100 mins, Canada, 1992, Digital Betacam. Courtesy: Winnipeg Film Group.


Maddin's first film shot entirely in colour was inspired by his discovery of a lesser known genre - the German mountain picture. Together with co-writer George Toles, he crafted an alpine film full of romance, incest and high-altitude melodrama.

Careful is set in a puritanical mountainous community where the citizens live in constant danger of disaster brought about by reckless behaviour.

Brothers Johann (Brent Neale) and Grigorss (Kyle McCulloch) attend the Tolzbad Butler Gymnasium - a training school for servants of the reclusive Count Knotkers (played by Director Paul Cox).

Devoted sons and excellent students alike, their futures are perverted by desire and romance for the women in their life - the beautiful but dangerous Klara (Sarah Neville) and their widowed mother Zenaida (Gorsia Dobrowlska).

Duels on snowy mountain peaks, children locked in the attic, sons and daughters lusting after Careful, the intrigue and plot points are as full-blown as the colour!

"Uniquely weird, subtly macabre, and utterly compelling" - Time Out


Screens with:

Heart of the World Guy Maddin, 6 mins, Canada, 2000, 35mm, Source/Courtesy: Toronto Film Festival Group
Two brothers vie for the love of one woman in this frenetic and unforgettable cinematic gift created for the Toronto Film Festival's 25th birthday.

Dates   Fri 6 Jul 2012, 7pm

Sat 14 Jul 2012, 3pm

    No Longer Available
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