Alfred Hitchcock, 128 mins, USA, 1958, 35mm. Courtesy: NBC Universal.


Guy Maddin Selects

James Stewart stars alongside Kim Novak in Alfred Hitchcock's masterful tale of a man driven to madness by a crippling psychological fear and the deceit of a beautiful woman, drawing obvious parallels with Maddin's shell-shocked amnesiac Boles in Archangel

From its famous opening titles sequence to the stunning San Francisco scenery, Vertigo remains one of Hitchcock's most enduring and thrilling cinema experiences.

Newly restored for the Universal 100th Anniversary celebrations; obsession, mistaken identity and Kim Novak have never looked so good!

"One of the landmarks - not merely of the movies, but of 20th-century art." - Chicago Reader

Guy Maddin has nominated Vertigo as an ideal screening companion for Archangel.

Dates   Sun 8 Jul 2012, 3pm
    No Longer Available
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