My Winnipeg

Guy Maddin, 80 mins, Canada, 2007, 35mm, B&W and Colour. Courtesy: Madman Entertainment .

My Winnipeg
My Winnipeg

A witty, surreal docu-fantasia about Maddin's home town of Winnipeg, a snowbound landscape where sleepwalkers roam, familial memories are re-imagined and there is seemingly no escape.

Commissioned by the Documentary Channel, My Winnipeg offered the director another chance to direct a documentary (of sorts) and fulfil his ever increasing desire to mythologise the landlocked, sub-zero-temperature prairie town.

Based on memory, civic records and lashings of bold artistic license, Maddin crafts a visual portrait of his home - the womb - the psyche - that is both thigh-slappingly funny and intensely moving.

Meshing documentary, recreation and narrative elements, Maddin's city-symphony movie employs a head-spinning number of formats (from Hi-8 to 16mm) which give a dreamily schizophrenic look and feel, but one that is unmistakeably stamped "Maddin".

My Winnipeg was an international hit that proved something of a cross-over for the director. Like its predecessor, this final chapter in the "Me Trilogy" (including Cowards Bend the Knee and Brand Upon the Brain) was first presented as a live silent film, with Maddin performing narration.

"A haunting phantasmagoria of a film - comic, singular, surreal" - Los Angeles Times

"Maddin's real point - and, for admirers of this brilliant and idiosyncratic artist, the true source of the movie's interest - is that Winnipeg explains him." - A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Screens with:

My Dad Is 100 Years Old Guy Maddin, 17 mins, Canada, 2005, Digital Betacam, Source/Courtesy: Jody Shapiro
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Dates   Sat 21 Jul 2012, 8pm

Fri 27 Jul 2012, 7pm

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