Wendy and Lucy

Kelly Reichardt, 77 mins, USA, 2008, 35mm. Source: Potential Films. Courtesy: Potential Films.

Wendy and Lucy
Wendy and Lucy
Following Old Joy, Reichardt collaborated again with writer Jon Raymond, but this time focused on a female protagonist who in many ways takes up where Kurt (Will Oldham) left off in the previous film.

Michelle Williams plays Wendy, a young drifter travelling through the Pacific Northwest with her trusty hound, Lucy. A series of small but escalating events occur which conspire to place Wendy at the very margin of society.

Under Reichardt's assured and restrained direction, Williams turns in a performance of remarkable beauty and clarity. Her Wendy is multifaceted and heartbreakingly real, as are the supporting roles peppered throughout the film.

On its release, The New York Times proclaimed Wendy and Lucy to be "political to the bone but without any of the usual grandstanding."

When seen through the prism of a post-GFC America, it becomes a film of even more frightening clarity and austere grace that is certainly worthy of revisiting a second time.

"An unqualified triumph" - Kent Jones, Cinemascope
"Williams' performance is remarkable" - Los Angeles Times
Dates   Tue 7 Jun 2011, 7pm

Sun 19 Jun 2011, 3pm

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