Unclassified 18+
Hideo Gosha, 124 mins, Japan, 1969, 35mm, Japanese with English subtitles. Source: Wildside Films. Courtesy: Toho.

Sprawling in scale with a touch of The Outlaw Jose Wales about it, Goyokin tells the story of a Samurai seeking redemption after being part of a massacre designed to mask the theft of gold.

Magobei never reconciled himself with the act, remaining silent for the sake of the Sabai clan responsible for the crime. As the clan prepares for another cover-up massacre, they order Magobei's death for fear he'll expose them.

After being ambushed, Magobei chooses to confront clan leader Rokugo Tatewaki, his evil brother-in-law, in person. As he travels to the Sabai territory he acquires three less than desirable comrades whose pasts all strangely intertwine.

Gosha's work has a Western feel right down to a Morricone-esque score but nicely straddles the blazing action of Lone Wolf and Cub and the more subtle unfolding of Yojimbo. Its photography is expansive, its humour accessible, its action big and fast, and its final fight in the snow a real treat on the big screen.

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