Geoff Marslett, 82 mins, USA, 2010, Digital Betacam. Source: Swerve Pictures. Courtesy: Swerve Pictures.

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Charting new frontiers in more ways than one, Geoff Marslett's playful animated hipster odyssey tracks the space race between an international team of astronauts who are pitted against an unlikely trio of deadpan slackers.

Blending hand-drawn, 3D and rotoscope animation, Mars takes you to some very far-out places.

The film's offbeat world view is capped off by some wonderfully strange touches, like a cowboy president played by none other than Kinky Friedman and a pair of hipster clones who are covering the space race for an MTV-like program, offering a running commentary of the romantic developments between the crew.

Rounded out by a fine music score from indie-rock singer-songwriter Howe Gelb, Mars also features Mark Duplass, a veteran of mumblecore features such as Puffy Chair (2005) and Humpday (2009), again riffing on his affable, slacker persona as he becomes the film's reluctant hero.

Exclusive Australian season.

Dates   Tue 27 Dec 2011, 7pm

Thu 29 Dec 2011, 5.15pm

Fri 30 Dec 2011, 9pm

Sat 31 Dec 2011, 7.45pm

Sun 1 Jan 2012, 6.30pm

Sun 8 Jan 2012, 5pm

Sun 15 Jan 2012, 6.30pm

Fri 20 Jan 2012, 9.15pm

Sat 21 Jan 2012, 8.30pm

Sun 22 Jan 2012, 6pm

    No Longer Available
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