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focus on guillermo del toro

del toro's favourite films

image of del toro on the set of pan's labyrinth
Del Toro on the set of Pan's Labyrinth
A passionate and knowledgeable aficionado of film, Guillermo del Toro completed studies in screenwriting, make-up and effects, ran his own successful special effects company (Necropia), established a film festival in his hometown of Guadalajara, wrote and directed episodes of a horror-themed series for Mexican television (Hora Marcada) and produced a feature film before making his debut as a director with Cronos in 1993.

He has also authored a critical study on the films of Alfred Hitchcock and, more recently, established a production company, Tequila Gang, with long-time collaborators that include producer Bertha Navarro.

Del Toro is currently in pre-production on Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, set to begin principal photography in Budapest in June 2007.

ACMI invited del Toro's curatorial input to the Focus on Guillermo del Toro season - which is dedicated to his six features to date - and he e-mailed us a list of some of his favourite films from Los Angeles on the eve of the 2007 Academy Awards*.

We have selected three films (highlighted below) to screen as part of our tribute to the director. Del Toro's picks are: 

James Whale's Frankenstein
The Night of the Hunter
City Lights
Mad Max 2 aka The Road Warrior
Phantom of the Paradise
Eyes without a Face
Barton Fink
The Savage Messiah
The Last Laugh
Witchcraft Through the Ages

Black Sunday aka Mask of Satan
George A. Romero's Martin
Don't Look Now
Ken Russell's The Devils
Los Olvidados
El Espiritu de la Colmena (The Spirit of the Beehive)
Blade Runner
Time Bandits

image from night of the hunter
The Night of the Hunter

Pan's Labyrinth
went on to receive three awards at the February 25 ceremony: in Art Direction, Make-Up and Cinematography. It's the fourth feature film in collaboration with del Toro by cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, who has enjoyed a close creative partnership with the director. The distinct visual style which infuses Cronos, The Devil's Backbone and Hellboy and that has so far found its most elaborate expression in Pan's Labyrinth will no doubt continue to evolve, with Navarro again set to take up D.O.P. duties alongside del Toro on Hellboy 2

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