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Jim Jarmusch
Friday 16 September - Monday 26 September

ACMI is proud to present a retrospective of the work of maverick director Jim Jarmusch, celebrating the films that have made him a figurehead of American independent cinema.

Focus on Jim Jarmusch includes four films paired with a classic and/or cult feature cited by Jarmusch as an inspiration or ideal screening companion:
Ghost Dog/Le Samourai
Dead Man/The Shooting
Down By Law/Bande à parte
Stranger Than Paradise/Shadows

Curated by Kristy Matheson

Full $13 Concession $10
Six session pass: Full $60 Concession $48

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thumbnail for broken flowers

broken flowers

Australian premiere of Jim Jarmusch's new film.

thumbnail image for ghost dog

ghost dog: way of the samurai

Jim Jarmusch's hip-hop reworking of the samurai epic and gangster movie.

thumbnail for le samourai

le samourai

Jean-Pierre Melville's tale of a lone hitman on the run from the police and the mob.

thumbnail for dead man

dead man

Jim Jarmusch's epic Western follows William Blake (Johnny Depp) on a physical and spiritual journey through America's wild frontier country.

thumbnail for the shooting

the shooting

An ex-bounty hunter leads a woman on a mysterious quest through the Utah desert.

thumbnail for year of the horse

year of the horse

Jim Jarmusch provides insight into Neil Young and Crazy Horse, their music and creative musings.

thumbnail for night on earth

night on earth

Five taxis simultaneously traverse the globe on a cold winter night.

thumbnail for coffee and cigarettes

coffee and cigarettes

An eclectic mix of characters smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, and discuss everything from healthy living to caffeine popsicles.

thumbnail for permanent vacation

permanent vacation

Jarmusch's debut offers foresight into the themes and characters that have come to dominate his filmmaking.

thumbnail for mystery train

mystery train

Set in a dilapidated Memphis hotel, three comedic tales run concurrently over a 24-hour period.

thumbnail for down by law

down by law

Jim Jarmusch pits thoroughly cool muscians Tom Waits and John Lurie against the cross-cultural clowning of Roberto Benigni with hilarious results.

thumbnail for bande à part

bande à part (band of outsiders)

Two luckless twenty-somethings convince a naïve beauty to help them commit robbery.

thumbnail for stranger than paradise

stranger than paradise

A laconic comedy that heralded Jim Jarmusch as a new voice in cinema.

thumbnail for shadows


John Cassavetes legendary film follows three outsiders living in Greenwich Village in the late 1950s. 

thumbnail for ten minutes older

ten minutes older: the trumpet

A collection of shorts exploring the concept of 'time' with a contribution by Jim Jarmusch.

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