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image from 1900
1900 (Novecento)

The triumph of human resilience, the potency of idealism and the anarchy of emotion.

Thu 8 Feb - Sun 18 Feb 2007
Full $13 Concession $10
Six session pass Full $60 Concession $48

Curated by Lisa Pieroni. Read the program notes

thumbnail from the lives of others

the lives of others

This superbly cast feature debut recreates the nightmare years of the German Democratic Republic just prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

thumbnail from encounter point

encounter point

Abstaining from usual media headlines of hatred and conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, Encounter Point instead focuses on their commonality.

thumbnail from the violin

the violin

Francisco Vargas Quevedo's tender and poignant debut feature is set in a small Mexican village during the uprisings of the 1970s.

thumbanil from devils on the doorstep

devils on the doorstep

Devils on the Doorstep boldly articulates the horrors and travesty of war in a tragicomedy of surreal proportions.

thumbnail from the new world

the new world

'Malick brings his film very close to a state of grace' Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

thumbnail from america, america

america, america

Elia Kazan's profoundly affecting historical epic follows the journey of Stavros from Asia Minor to America at the beginning of the Twentieth century.

thumbnail from kanyini


Aboriginal tribal elder Bob Randall succinctly outlines how colonisation depleted his people by destroying their 'kanyini'. Followed by Barbeque Area.

thumbnail from almost adult

almost adult

Yousaf Ali Khan's sensitive debut feature navigates the lives of two unaccompanied child asylum seekers entering the UK.


Bertolucci traces Italy's social and political history, following two boys born on the same day in 1901.

thumbnail from in this world

in this world

An intimate story of two Afghani cousins who place their fates in the hands of people smugglers and travel the 'Old Silk Road' to London.

thumbnail from land & freedom

land & freedom

Loach's Land & Freedom is a carefully observed portrait of ordinary people in an extraordinary situation that changes them forever.

Thu 8 Feb - Sun 18 Feb 2007
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