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King Kong. Courtesy: British Film Institute and Effie Holdings
Friday 9 December - Sunday 18 December 2005

Surrender to this mega-movie season coinciding with the opening of Academy Award-winner Peter Jackson's much-anticipated King Kong.

Kiss of the Beast explores the origins and influences of Kong, from early animation, through cinematic interpretations of Darwinian theory, to the many incarnations of the 'Beauty and the Beast' tale in Hollywood movies.

Curated by Kathryn Weir for the launch of the Australian Cinémathèque at the Queensland Art Gallery, in association with an exhibition co-curated with Dr Ted Gott.

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Six session pass: Full $60  Concession $48

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thumbnail for king kong

king kong

Hollywood director Carl Denham, his team of explorers and Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) travel to mysterious Skull Island where they meet the giant ape.

thumbnail for king klunk

king klunk

This King Kong satire, released just six months after the film, is an episode from a cartoon series about a happy-go-lucky dog.

thumbnail for sur un air de charleston

sur un air de charleston

A rare, playful piece of reverse ethnography, Renoir's film  features a young woman roaming the streets with an ape-like creature.

thumbnail for tarzan of the apes

origin of species: darwinism in cinema

Program of early silent films exploring the influence of Darwin's theory of evolution on cinema and the widespread interest in primates.

thumbnail for trader horn

trader horn

A trader on safari with his sidekick and African guide encounters a missionary woman who is searching for her long-lost daughter.

thumbnail for mighty joe young

mighty joe young

Cooper and Schoedsack's third big-gorilla picture is a variation on the cross-cultural and cross-species exploitations of the original Kong story.

thumbnail for tarzan the ape man

tarzan the ape man

The enduring popularity of the first MGM Tarzan talkie can be attributed to its eager embrace of taboo topics.

thumbnail for tarzan and his mate

tarzan and his mate

Jane and the scantily clad Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) swing through the trees, playing erotically charged games.

thumbnail for son of kong

the son of kong

This sequel to King Kong explores the central character Carl Denham's sense of guilt for Kong's death in the first movie.

thumbnail for bride of the gorilla

bride of the gorilla

Set on a plantation in the depths of the Amazon,  this 50s trash B-movie stars Raymond Burr as a man cursed, who sees himself turning into a gorilla.

thumbnail for mighty peking man

mighty peking man

Hong Kong's take on King Kong has sleazy promoter Mr Lu commissioning handsome hero Chen Zhengfeng to help track down a mythical ape-like monster.

thumbnail for the lost world

the lost world

A group of explorers venture into the wilds of the Amazon to bring back proof of living dinosaurs.

thumbnail for king kong vs godzilla

king kong vs godzilla

The mighty ape clashes with Japan's finest flamethrower in what must be one of the great drawcard title fights of the century!

thumbnail for king kong escapes

king kong escapes

A mad scientist builds a giant robotic Kong to mine plutonium. When it fails, he is forced to kidnap the real King Kong.

thumbnail for murders in the rue morgue

murders in the rue morgue

A loose adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe tale, Murders in the Rue Morgue is a dark exploration of the relationship between human and great ape.

thumbnail for creature from the black lagoon

creature from the black lagoon

Marine scientists on a riverboat journey into the Amazon discover the Gill Man: an amphibious, prehistoric creature.

thumbnail for revenge of the creature

revenge of the creature

The sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon has the Gill Man removed from his natural habitat and taken to a marine park to be studied by scientists.

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hollywood goes wild!

Join the program curators and acclaimed author, film critic and curator Adrian Martin for a discussion of key themes in Kiss of the Beast.

king kong: the game

Join special guest Owen Hughes from Ubisoft for a live demonstration of the new King Kong game.

Fri 9 Dec - Sun 18 Dec 2005
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