mighty joe young

Ernest B. Schoedsack, 94 mins, USA, 1949, B&W, 16mm. Courtesy: British Film Institute & Michael Callaghan/Effie Holdings

 image for mighty joe young
Mighty Joe Young. Courtesy: British Film Institute and Effie
Mighty Joe Young is Cooper and Schoedsack's third big-gorilla picture, a variation on the cross-cultural and cross-species exploitations of the original Kong story.

Max O'Hara discovers Joe Young, a large gorilla, and Jill, the beautiful girl who raised him from infancy, while searching the wilds of Africa for unique acts to appear in his Los Angeles nightclub.

Convinced by O'Hara, Jill takes Joe to America for a more glamorous life but things soon go awry when Joe tires of his new life as a nightclub performer and rampages through a mélange of fake palms, natives and caged lions.

part of focus on monsters: kiss of the beast

Dates   Sat 10 Dec 2005, 9.30pm
Admission   Full $13  Concession $10
Six session pass: Full $60  Concession $48
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