king kong vs godzilla

Ishirô Honda, 91 mins, USA/Japan, 1962, Japanese with English subtitles, DVD

 image from king kong vs godzilla
King Kong vs Godzilla. Courtesy: British Film Institute
Humorously directed by Ishirô Honda, King Kong is pitted against Godzilla: the mighty ape clashes with Japan's finest flamethrower in what must be one of the great drawcard title fights of the century!

Tagged as the most colossal conflict the screen has ever known, entire cities are flattened and Mount Fuji is threatened in the climactic battle scenes and rousing finale.

The first time both King Kong and Godzilla appeared in colour, the film is also notable for its tremendous special effects (courtesy of Eiji Tsuburaya) and sound (by Hisashi Shimonaga, edited for the US by William L. Stevenson).

part of focus on monsters: kiss of the beast

Dates   Sat 17 Dec 2005, 5pm
Admission   Full $13  Concession $10
Six session pass: Full $60  Concession $48
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